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Modified Child’s Pose

My workout time this morning was spent in child’s pose breathing deeply and fighting back tears of frustration and annoyance. Between my very distracted mind and my super “whiney” 2-yr old giving me the flux with potty training, I felt like a complete nutcase. Not getting in my “therapeutic workout” only made me feel more like a failure today. Smh.

But (of course there’s always a “but”), then, I realized something. My body, mind and environment were speaking to me...VERY LOUDLY, thanks to my crying child...but still. In a sense, the universe was saying, “CHILL OUT LISA!” And after some internal arguing, I conceded. See, it’s Thursday...and I’ve exercised every day since Sunday. So, it’s completely okay to take a day off. As a matter of fact, in many cases, it’s absolutely CRITICAL. I push myself very hard, but most of the time, I still feel the need to go harder. It’s not until I hit these emotional walls, that it becomes obvious that I need to stop for a second and breathe. Why is that??? I know I’m not alone here (hence the need for this blog So I thought I’d share some advice from what I think I’m learning in this situation.... First of all, listen to your body/mind/spirit, God or that tiny voice in you head. Try to do so before said voice has to YELL to get your attention. Next, stay in tune with yourself to know what you need, when you need it. Don’t argue with yourself about a break or a short rest. Time off from ANYTHING is a good thing. Lastly, don’t look at these moments as “breakdowns” or as something bad. They are quite the opposite, actually. The strength you harness is a FORCE to be reckoned with. It takes every ounce of counterforce to restore and refuel you. You need rest as much as you need exercise. You need quiet prayer and meditation as much as you need blaring trap music. You need hugs and cuddles as much as you need to hit a punching bag or throw some stuff across a room. And in case you’ve forgotten it (or maybe you’ve never been told) are a freakin awesome ninja warrior in life and you are KILLING it. Be well! ✌🏽

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