Treat Yo Self: 3 Tips for a Solo Mini Stay-cation

Well, it's Monday...typically a daunting day for many, especially when it marks the return to work. For me though, this particular Monday is as sweet as a Monday can be, simply because I embarked upon an amazing experience this past weekend, which I am aiming to make a yearly event. I stayed a night at an amazing hotel, ALONE. Yes, that’s right...ALONE. I left my husband and three children (ages, 6, 4 and 2), and stayed at an upscale hotel all by myself. To some, this might seem silly, uneventful or selfish, but if you really stop and think about it, spending some alone time with yourself in a new space can be very therapeutic. Whether you are a mother, wife, single woman, dad or husband (ye

Modified Child’s Pose

My workout time this morning was spent in child’s pose breathing deeply and fighting back tears of frustration and annoyance. Between my very distracted mind and my super “whiney” 2-yr old giving me the flux with potty training, I felt like a complete nutcase. Not getting in my “therapeutic workout” only made me feel more like a failure today. Smh. But (of course there’s always a “but”), then, I realized something. My body, mind and environment were speaking to me...VERY LOUDLY, thanks to my crying child...but still. In a sense, the universe was saying, “CHILL OUT LISA!” And after some internal arguing, I conceded. See, it’s Thursday...and I’ve exercised every day since Sunday. So, it’s

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