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Meal Prep Made Easy:

6-month meal
planning system

26 weeks of meal planning signed, sealed & delivered right to your inbox for only *$49! 

(*limited time offer)

This 6-Month Meal Planning System includes...

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Created by Dr. Lisa Folden, PT, BSC

With more than fifteen years of experience as a healthcare professional and ten years as a mom and meal prepping enthusiast, Dr. Lisa is sharing all of her secrets for easy, simple and efficient meal planning. This system includes recipes, grocery lists and alternative meal prepping options, with NO focus on diet, diet culture or calories. You read that correctly, these food options are NOT aligned with any diet program and we could not be more proud of that. 


Fresh Artichoke Pizza

J. Brown, OH

This meal prep system has saved my life. Knowing what's for dinner weeks in advance makes cooking so much more enjoyable and so much less stressful!


H. Kinley, VA

Working with Dr. Lisa and purchasing her meal planning system was the best decision I made in 2021. No more stress or worries in the kitchen. Highly recommend. 


W. Snail, MA

For someone who doesn't really love cooking or even planning too far in advance, I have found the alternative meal prep options to be so helpful for me and my family. So glad I have this resource now!

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