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Help me find my healthy course

6 weeks of group coaching to help you find your 'healthy' and walk away from diet culture forever.  

This 6-Week Course includes...


Created & Instructed by Dr. Lisa Folden, PT, BSC

Dr. Lisa N. Folden is a licensed physical therapist and mom-focused health coach. As a body positive women’s health expert and health at every size (HAES) ambassador, Dr. Folden assists women seeking a healthier lifestyle by guiding their wellness choices through organization, planning strategies and holistic goal setting. Dr. Folden is a mom of three, published author and speaker who understands the complex needs of the modern busy woman. Therefore, she considers helping busy moms find their ‘healthy’ one of her of top priorities.


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Janean C. 

I reached a point where I wanted to change my relationship with food, and get a little bit of my groove back after being 16 months postpartum. Everything around me was telling me to diet, and I knew a diet was not it! I reached out to Dr. Folden and she helped me put joy back in areas of my life I didn't even consider like moving my body, and eating foods I enjoy. She introduced me to resources that changed my way of thinking about my body and my health. I could have done more than six weeks in her course! However in just six weeks I feel better in my spirit and have the tools to keep going!  


Heather K.

As a result of reading Intuitive Eating and being in Dr. Lisa's course, I feel better about myself and my relationship with food, exercise, mental health and self esteem. Dr. Lisa will help you modify certain exercises.  She also helps you with recipes and meal planning. She helps with setting boundaries and celebrates accomplishments with you while bolstering you when a setback arises. She has a wealth of knowledge that should be accessed by as many people as possible because everyone needs to know that, just as you are, you are enough.  I think that was the most important thing for me to hear, was that I am enough.  It has changed my life radically.  I owe a great debt to Dr. Lisa and you owe it to yourself to talk to her and see how she can help you.


Wendy S.

So very happy to have found [Dr. Lisa]. What a blessing her course was and continues to be .❤️ I’m relishing my barre classes thanks to [her] and not feeling trapped by the schedule or scared of being mean to myself by accident. What a worthwhile use of my time and money… I think I may have figured out some of the things I learned in this course “by myself” but it would’ve taken YEARS to get this new insight and relationship with my body and exercise, instead of weeks. My relationship with exercise has become a lot more centered on enjoyment and health, previously it was sometimes stressful or made me feel critical of my body instead of comfortable.


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