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If you've been tiptoeing around the idea of walking away from diet culture, but you're not sure where to start or what to do, I've got something you really want to take advantage of. I'm hosting a full day, VIP Coaching session to help you break up with diet culture once and for all. In this four hour, intensive session, you'll learn how to:

  • Define health on your own terms

  • Create a wellness routine without the influence of diet culture

  • Navigate triggers in traditional fitness programs

  • Incorporate intuitive eating into your lifestyle

  • Customize meal prep options to meet your specific needs

  • Identify benefits of a healthy life regardless of body size/weight

  • Become more flexible in your thinking around health, fitness & wellness

  • Expand your definition of health and beauty by controlling what you access

  • Understand the science and research around health at every size®

  • Establish a weight-neutral and anti-diet approach to fitness & health

  • Experience body respect and confidence like you never have before


This VIP coaching session is the crash course we all need to finally walk away from diet culture. It's time to recognize the irreconcilable differences and break up on bad terms with diets that hold us back from food freedom and body liberation


This 1-day, luxury service includes lunch and costs just $997



I met Dr. Lisa at a 5k in North Charlotte several years ago.  Her smile was infectious and her kindness impressed me. Even though I was not running that day, she made an impact on me during this chance meeting.  

Earlier this year. when she offered a kind of "beta" test of her new program, I jumped at the chance to be on the ground floor of what I feel like people need the most: a movement emphasizing body positivity and acceptance.

I may not look like a person who can run a 10k. I also may not look like a person  who could live in a gym.  I know for a fact there are few people who would peg me for enjoying cooking Vegan.  However, as a result of reading Intuitive Eating and being in Dr. Lisa's course, I feel better about myself and my relationship with food, exercise, mental health and self esteem.

Dr. Lisa will help you modify certain exercises.  She also helps you with recipes and meal planning. She helps with setting boundaries and celebrates accomplishments with you while bolstering you when a setback arises. She has a wealth of knowledge that should be accessed by as many people as possible because everyone needs to know that, just as you are, you are enough.  I think that was the most important thing for me to hear, was that I am enough.  It has changed my life radically.  I owe a great debt to Dr. Lisa and you owe it to yourself to talk to her and see how she can help you.

- Heather