Making Expensive Memories


Look at that face! We created some amazing memories with and for our children last week at Walt Disney World. As a parent, few things bring you greater joy than seeing your kids happy and full of life.

But, if I’m being honest, this trip also had me in my feelings. Growing up as the oldest of seven (six in my home), my mother could never have afforded a trip to ever.

And the reality is, MANY parents can’t afford this type of expense for their children today. Now clearly, Disney is NOT the ‘end all, be all,’ but not being able to indulge in the wonderment of Mickey Mouse, Cinderella’s Castle or Aladdin’s Magic Carpet might leave some feeling left out. As a matter of fact, my youngest child said to me “Mommy, my friends said they were so jealous that I was going to Disney” with a huge smile on her face. That turned into a short discussion about not wanting our friends to be jealous, but instead happy and excited for us. But I digress (for now, lol).

For all the fun, excitement and joy of Disney, the prices are absolutely ridiculous. To embark upon this journey with less than $5000 for a family of five is asking for trouble. There’s almost no number or discounts that can make this trip any version of ‘cheap’ or ‘reasonable.’ It is honestly, just too much. But, here we are, like millions of people across the globe, several thousand dollars poorer with tons of Disney memories to show for it. Expensive memories is an understatement. I’m left asking myself the difficult question of “was it worth it?”

The short answer is “yes.” The kids’ smiles, laughter and my own joy at all the MAGIC of Disney was worth all the mon