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Naturopathic services

In partnership with Dr. Parkes and The Lifestyle Clinic, we offer two very awesome naturopathic services at Healthy Phit. 

The first, is naturopathic lifestyle coaching. This one-on-one coaching program helps people create and maintain healthier lifestyles. You will be assigned to Dr. Lisa Folden, a trained naturopathic lifestyle coach who works directly with you to address specific health and wellness concerns with targeted, natural solutions. Click here to learn more and schedule. 

The second service we are proud to offer at Healthy Phit, is Laser Acupuncture. Laser Acupuncture and Homeopathy combines the 5,000 year old medical system of acupuncture and traditional homeopathic treatment with modern laser technology. It uses low-energy laser beams — instead of traditional acupuncture needles — on specific points of your body to stimulate the body to restore balance and heal itself. It is important to note that this is not the same as traditional acupuncture or homeopathy. Learn more and schedule here

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