Following an extensive physical evaluation, our staff will design a detailed wellness plan addressing your specific strength, flexibility and endurance deficits. Wellness evaluations consider not only your weight and size, but your overall physical, emotional and mental fitness. From assisting with organization, scheduling, exercise routines and meal planning to tracking monthly progress and goal attainment, your wellness visits will be the key to achieving your personal goals.


We currently offer the following Wellness Programs:

- Phit Mom/Phit Chick Wellness Program for women seeking to get active, change eating habits, lose baby weight or get stronger

- Phit Dad/Phit Guy Wellness Program for men seeking to get active, modify eating habits, lose weight or tone and gain strength

- Phit Family Wellness Program for families seeking lifestyle modifications to address the specific fitness and nutrition needs of their entire family

- Sports-specific Training Programs for clients interested in improving functional performance in any sport by embarking on a wellness program for better strength, flexibility, posture and power.

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