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Services & Specializations

What’s Best For Your Health

Our knowledgeable therapists will help you determine the right treatment for your optimum health. Our practice is distinguished by the care and attention we invest in individualized programs for our clients. How can we help you to be your healthiest?


  • Comprehensive physical therapy evaluations
  • Comprehensive wellness exams
  • Individualized exercise and wellness plan prescription
  • Follow-up physical therapy treatment
  • Follow-up wellness visits
  • Home based fall risk assessments
  • Balance and fall risk analyses
  • Corporate wellness programs

Physical therapy: Get results now

You’ll gain strength and confidence through our rehabilitation treatment following your illness, accident, surgical procedure or to address a congenital issue.


  • Manual therapy
  • Sports therapy
  • Pediatric therapy
  • Post/Pre-Natal
  • Geriatric therapy
  • Fall risk reduction and therapy

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