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Healty Diet

New Things on the Horizon!

Lisa Folden 2 comments

Hello Phit Family!

We are excited to launch our first blog through our updated (though still under construction) website! We hope that you all will appreciate the new look of our site AND our office space if you haven’t visited us in a while.

After almost 3 years in business, Healthy Phit has made some wonderful upgrades and we are excited and happy to share them with you. We realize that we would not exist if it were not for our current, former and future clients/patients. You have made the decision to trust us with your well-being and we do not take it lightly. As a small token of our gratitude we will be offering give-a-ways throughout the months via our social media outlets and this blog. So, keep us with us and please participate in the discussions.

We’re proud to announce a couple of things upcoming this month…



Healthy Phit is offering PRO BONO (that’s free) Physical Therapy Screens!! This is our way of giving back to our community to help meet the needs of those who do not have health insurance and/or can’t afford therapy services out of pocket. This offer is for new clients only and includes a free 30-minute screen with a verbal home exercise program. We will offer these services on a monthly basis (one Saturday per month). Our first Saturday will be SATURDAY, APRIL 23, 2016 from 8AM-10AM and 1PM-3PM. Interested persons can email [email protected] or call our office at 704-462-6720 to sign-up for an appointment slot.



After TONS of research, planning, trialing, prepping and perfecting, we’re proud to announce that our 15 Days of Phitness Workout/Wellness Program will officially launch at the end of this month! Our owner, Dr. Lisa, has been actively completing (while designing and adjusting) the program and so far, has seen very favorable results. We’re excited to share the details with those of you that are interested in signing up for wellness services in the near future! This program coincides with our other wellness plans and we believe that participants who stick with it and vow to make lifestyle changes will be VERY pleased with their results!!! Email us at [email protected] or call our office at 704-462-6720 for more information.


Please share this blog on your social media outlets and help me get the word out! Start using the following hashtags: #HealthyPhit #PhitMom #PhitChick #PhitDad #PhitGuy #HealthyPhitPTWellness and follow us on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter @HealthyPhit  We are looking forward to interacting with you all, sharing useful content, conducting fun give-a-ways and using this platform for all great things!!!


Thanks so much for reading!!


Yours In Health…..Healthy Phit!


Phit Tip: Portion Control

Lisa Folden No Comments

#PortionControl: Divide your snacks into actual serving size portions IN ADVANCE! Store them in your cabinets to grab quickly when on the go or packing your lunch. This will keep you from overeating. Even too much of a “healthy” snack can be a bad thing! 😉


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