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Exercise Tips

Summer Time Workout Tips

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Hey Phit Family!!!

We hope everyone is enjoying their summer. It’s a great time of year to vacation, relax and enjoy all the BBQs, beach days, family outings and time with friends. While enjoying all of these things, don’t forget to address your PHITNESS! Make sure eating clean and exercising are a part of your regular routine.

The biggest deterrent to exercise is a lack of time…so start incorporating your workouts into your regular life. For example, when planning to meet up with friends, suggest taking a brisk walk rather than meeting for dinner. When you want to have some quality time with your children, move the fun to the backyard and chase them around a bit. Or when you’re planning a date for your and your significant other, look for a fun physical activity like rock climbing, hiking or make it an exercise date at the gym or in a workout class! Let’s stop making exercise a dreaded chore that requires too much time, planning, equipment or money. Health, phitness and wellness are FREE…but it’s up to us to actually buy into it. 😉

Try some of these summer time activities with your children, friends or spouse to mix in a workout with FUN:

  • Neighborhood walk
  • Hiking Trail
  • Bike Ride
  • Hopscotch
  • Relay Races
  • Local 5K Walk or Run
  • Hula Hoop Competition
  • Jump Rope/Double Dutch
  • Corn Maze Outing
  • Swimming
  • Mall Walks
  • Walking Tour of the city
  • Dog Park
  • Yoga in the Park

This list is absolutely ENDLESS. So, spice it up a bit and make exercise a LIFESTYLE!


15-Day PhiT Challenge Starts Mon 7/4/16!

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Are you ready??? Let’s start this challenge again TOGETHER! See details and picture for exercise instructions!

15-Day Phit Challenge



Do 15 reps of each exercise cumulatively

Day 1: Reverse Table Top Kicks

Day 2: Straight Arm Plank Rotations

Day 3: Side Plank Crunches

Day 4: Lateral Lunges

Day 5: Quadruped Hip Extension Pulses

Day 6: Squats

Day 7: Plank Jacks

Day 8: Reverse Planks (hold 15 sec x 15)

Day 9: Side Plank Dips

Day 10: Knee Repeaters

Day 11: Jumping Jacks

Day 12: Push Ups

Day 13: Trunk Twists

Day 14: Single Leg Bridges

Day 15: Side Kicks

On day 1, do Day 1. On day 2, do Day 1 AND Day 2. On day 3, do Day 1, Day 2 AND Day 3….and so on and so on.

Good Luck!! Don’t forget to post pictures on social media and tag @HealthyPhit and use the hashtags #15DayPhitChallenge #PhitMom or  #PhitChick #PhitDad or #PhitGuy


Say NO to Bland Cardio Routines!

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Nothing bores me more than a basic, bland cardio routine. So, I try to switch things up a bit to get more bang for my 30-45 min workouts. 💪🏾 Try adding a set of 3-5 lb weights to your cardio routine. If you’re not comfortable holding hand weights, buy a pair of adjustable wrist/ankle weights and use those instead.

You can do all your basic cardio steps (marching, jogging in place, step taps, jump rope, etc.) while holding your weights for a little extra burn. 🔥🔥🔥 Also, incorporate upper and lower body exercises simultaneously! You’ll burn more calories and maximize your workout time! Trust me, it’s much better than sitting on your butt doing a bicep curl! Much more fun too! ☺️😉. Happy Exercising!!!


The Phit 50

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We call it #Phit50. Do 50 reps of each (50 sec plank) and see how you feel. 😏 Rest and repeat if you dare. 😉 💪🏾💪🏾💪🏾


Low Back Pain Series: Helpful Exercises & Tips (Exercise #3)

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Okay, we’re at it again for another week discussing helpful exercises to prevent and/or remedy low back pain. Let me be clear first, though: the exercises that I am posting are not being suggested to “HEAL” low back pain. These exercises simply help to establish a core that is so well-equipped that a mild low back injury (like the ones we encounter in our regular daily lives), will have minimal to no effect on your ability to continue on with regular daily tasks. Additionally, if you do experience a back injury, these exercises will likely be included in your rehabilitation program. Therefore, in that way, these exercises are very typical for preventing and relieving low back pain. 🙂

Now that that’s out of the way…let’s look into some additional exercises to help reinforce your core which includes the muscles on the front, sides and back of your trunk as well several muscle above and below your trunk.

Le’t begin with the Superman. This exercise is great for strengthening the posterior muscles. Squeezing gluts tightly, simply lift your arms and legs as high as you can. Try holding for 3 sec, then 5 sec and all the way up to 10 sec if possible.


Next, let’s make this movement more dynamic and try Quadruped Alternating Arms/Legs. Long name, I know…but it helps to explain the name. From all fours or hands and knees (quadruped), assume and maintain a neutral (flat or minimally curved) spine. Slowly reach one arm out in front of you, then add the opposite leg. Hold up to 10 sec, then lower and repeat on opposite arm and leg. This is a great one for challenging the core. The idea is to not allow your trunk to move/rotate much while transitioning between leg/arm lifts. I sometimes add a tennis ball to my patient’s low back to see if they can keep it from falling off of their back while performing this exercise. Sounds fun, right? 🙂


What’s next, you ask? Well that’s a loaded question, as there are at least 5 modifications to this exercise that challenges the core far more than the previous. For example, adding a “Fire Hydrant” component, by rotating the lifted arm and leg outside to create a more difficult balancing situation…or by adding an inverted crunch by bringing the opposite elbow and knee together in between each reach. There are soooo many ideas, but I digress. Instead, I’ll move on to another exercise altogether.

Let’s look at Trunk Rotation exercises (sorry, no picture). These exercises offer a vast amount of variety and can be very effective at engaging the internal corset to not only strengthen the core but cinch the waist! My preference for starting position is in high kneel (standing on your knees only) with only your toes (and knees) in contact with the floor. Holding a weight (5-7#) or a large stability ball, rotate to the right and left alternating as far as you can. Keep your stomach muscles tight and engaged the entire time. Try 10-15 rotations and see it feels. This exercise can be modified to standing, long sitting, from a squat position, half kneeling, etc. It can also be done using a resistance band or a medicine ball for added challenge.

Okay, I’ll stop there. We’ll get into Planks and Pikes next week!


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