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What We Do

Feel Better, Move Better and Live Better with Healthy PhiT Physical Therapy & Wellness Consultants

TENS Units for Chronic Pain

Do you have chronic pain? If so, we can help. We've partnered up with Analgesic Healthcare to provide you with state of the art pain relief via eletrical stimulation with TENS. These small, easy to use, units are ideal for home use and to take the edge off of any pain you may be experiencing. Pain reduction without nauseating or mind-altering medications...who knew?

Custom Orthotics

Let Healthy Phit help you get back on your feet...Literally! With our partners at Sole Supports, we can cast and fit you for custom inserts to ensure that you are receiving the best support possible in ALL of your shoes. Orthotics, when done correctly, can decrease pain in your feet, knees, hips and even your back! As well as improve running technique and biomechanics.

Public Speaking & Workshop Facilitation

Dr. Lisa Nichole Folden is happy to provide effective and efficient public speaking and to facilitate wellness workshops for your group/organization. At Healthy Phit, we pride ourselves in giving our clients our very best! Contact us directly to set up your workshop/presentation.

Latest From Our Blog

Excuse Me, But Are You Lost?

Posted By Lisa Folden

Have you ever been lost driving somewhere? I'm sure we all have. It's an incredibly humbling, frightening and/or stressful feeling, right? Failed GPS, no map and you're all alone. Much like being physically lost, feeling emotionally lost can take a toll. Feeling complete

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February 7, 2017 10 comments

Self-Reflection: Trying to Figure Out My Fitness

Posted By Lisa Folden

I just celebrated my 35th bday! A milestone of sorts I suppose. As many of us do on our birthdays, I spent some time reflecting. Reflecting on the year, my life and goals. And unfortunately on the fact that 35 was the last birthday that my dad got to celebrate. When he passe

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November 10, 2016 6 comments

My Daughter CAN: A Mother’s Resolve Through Disability

Posted By Lisa Folden

I was sitting on the sideline watching my daughter participate in her dance class. This is her first year and all dressed up in her leotard and tights, I realize she's growing up so fast! All mothers say that, I know. But I promise, she really is. Her mannerisms are so matur

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October 17, 2016 26 comments

What Our Client Say

Rehabilitation After Car Accident

Patient Testimonials: "I sought Dr. Lisa's services after a car accident. She quickly scheduled my appointment to get me started in treatment. Dr. Lisa was thorough in her evaluation as she asked about multiple areas outside of my physical presentation that might be impacting my body. She followed up swiftly in coordinating my services with others. I would see Dr. Lisa in the future if the need arises."


Posture Realignment

"Dr. Folden conducted a thorough, professional functional and diagnostic evaluation and led me through several preliminary techniques to realign my posture. She followed the appointment with a detailed written analysis and several additional movement recommendations.My progress includes a return to several social and service activities that I had neglected.There's nothing magical about this. The human body rewards better maintenance with a feeling of well-being and a brighter attitude!"